Ubiquity: Ecomancy Spells

In a previous post, I described a new magic system for fantasy-based Ubiquity games. The spells in that system are grouped by type into spheres: Chimeric, Elemental, Necromancy, Warding, Ecomancy, and Sorcery. This week, I detail eight spells in the Ecomancy sphere.


Target creature gains a +2 bonus to its passive defense rating by a toughening of its skin or hide.

Range/Area: 1 target, Touch

Duration: One scene or combat

Spell Total: 4

Beast Shape

Caster can take the form of a size 0 or smaller animal. Caster takes on all the stats and abilities of the chosen animal for the duration of the spell. If the animal form’s health is reduced to 0, the caster returns to his original form at the health he was before polymorphing, but he is unconscious.

Range/Area: Caster only

Duration: 1 scene or combat

Spell Total: 5

Spell Total: 4

Charm Animal

The spell makes an animal perceive the caster and her party as trusted allies or friends. The animal gets to make an opposed willpower roll to resist the effect of the spell. Even if successful, the animal may not do something it would not normally do. If the caster doubles the animal’s willpower roll then the animal will obey all commands. The spell is broken if the caster or her party attack the animal.

Range/Area: 1 Animal within 25ft

Duration: One scene or combat

Opposed Dice: 5 dice

Spell Total: 5

Control Plants

This spell allows the caster to control plants and plant creatures. Using verbal commands, the caster can control plants, but they will ignore self-destructive orders. Plants with any kind of intelligence get to make a willpower roll to resist control.

Range/Area: 1 plant or plant creature within 25′

Duration: 1 minute (10 combat rounds)

Opposed Dice: 4 dice

Spell Total: 5


Grasses, weeds, and other plants grow larger and entangle creatures in the area affected by this spell. For every round inside the affected area, creatures only move at half their movement rates and must make a strength check Difficulty 2 to prevent becoming entangled. Entangled creatures cannot move and must attempt the strength check the following round. Some plant life must exist in the area—this spell does not conjure the plants.

Range/Area: up to 50′ from caster, 15′ radius from targeted spot.

Duration: 30 seconds (5 combat rounds)

Spell Total: 8

Magic Fang

Caster grants a target creature a +2 attack bonus to a natural weapon or unarmed attack.

Range/Area: 1 target animal, Touch

Duration: One scene or combat

Spell Total: 4

Speak with Animals

Caster can ask questions of and receive answers from animals, but the spell doesn’t make an animal any more friendly than it normally would be.

Range/Area: 1 target animal within 50 ft

Duration: 1 minute (10 combat rounds)

Summon Swarm

Caster summons a swarm of bats, rats, or spiders (caster’s choice). Caster rolls against the swarm’s willpower. If the caster rolls more successes, the swarm is successfully summoned and will attack the closest living target.

Range/Area: up to 25ft away

Duration: 1 scene or combat, or until destroyed

Opposed dice: 4

Spell Total: 6

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