Ubiquity: Warding Spells

In a previous post, I described a new magic system for fantasy-based Ubiquity games. The spells in that system are grouped by type into spheres: Chimeric, Elemental, Necromancy, Warding, Ecomancy, and Sorcery. This week, I detail seven spells in the Warding sphere.


This spell creates an area perimeter that sounds an alarm if a creature crosses into the warded area. The caster can choose if the alarm is audible to everyone or if it is mentally sent only to the caster.

Range/Area: 20 ft radius from caster

Duration: 1 Scene of Combat

Spell Total: 6

Remove Fear

This spell removes up to a -2 penalty caused by Fear, either caused magically or through mundane means like Intimidation. Additionally, it can be cast preemptively and prevent up to -2 penalty from Fear for 1 scene.

Range/Area: One target, up to 25 ft away

Duration: Instant or 1 scene preemptively

Spell Total: 5


The target’s outline blurs, shifts, and wavers, giving her a +2 defense bonus to physical attacks.

Range/Area: 1 Target, up to 25 ft away

Duration: 30 Seconds (5 combat rounds)

Spell Total: 3

Resist Energy

This spell grants the target limited protection against one of the energy types: acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic. The caster must choose one energy type when casting. The energy can be of natural or magical sources. The spell grants a +2 bonus to defense from the chosen energy type.

Range/Area: 1 target within 25 ft of caster

Duration: 1 scene or combat

Spell Total: 5

Protection from Arrows

Target of spell gains limited protection from mundane ranged missile weapons, like arrows, slugs, and bolts. This spell grants a +2 defense bonus against projectile weapons.

Range/Area: 1 target within 25 ft

Duration: 1 scene or combat

Spell Total: 5

Resilient Sphere

The caster encases someone within a shimmering sphere of pure force. The sphere cannot be moved by people inside or outside the sphere. The sphere is only just big enough to fit around one person. The person trapped inside can still breathe. Spells and weapons cannot penetrate the sphere in either direction, but the trapped person could Teleport out. The sphere can take damage and has a Structure of 8 and a Defense of 4. Active and passive defenses are ignored.

Range/Area: 1 target within 50′ of caster

Duration: 30 seconds (5 combat rounds)

Opposed Dice: 4 dice

Spell Total: 5

Freedom of Movement

Target of this spell is immune to spells that affect movement like entanglement, paralysis, slow, and web. The target has no hindrance of movement or attack underwater. Additionally, the target cannot be grappled.

Range/Area: 1 Target, Touch

Duration: 1 scene or combat

Spell Total: 5

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