Ubiquity: Sorcery Spells

In a previous post, I described a new magic system for fantasy-based Ubiquity games. The spells in that system are grouped by type into spheres: Chimeric, Elemental, Necromancy, Warding, Ecomancy, and Sorcery. This week, I detail six spells in the Sorcery sphere.

Detect Magic

This spell allows the caster to detect any magical auras in a 25′ radius from himself. The amount of information the caster gains is based on how many successes over the needed amount to cast the spell are achieved.

+0 Successes: Caster can tell there are Magical energies present.

+1 Successes: Caster can tell what sphere(s) of Magic with which the area is saturated.

+2 Successes: Caster can tell the exact spells/energies the area in under.

Range/Area: 25′ radius from caster

Duration: Instant

Spell Total: 3

Mage Hand

Caster can point her finger at a non-magical item and move it around. The item cannot weigh more than five pounds.

Range/Area: Item within 25 ft

Duration: 30 Seconds (five combat rounds)

Spell Total: 3

Hold Person

This spell paralyzes a target, even impairing speech. The target gets to make a reflexive Willpower roll in an attempt to resist the effects of the spell each round.

Range/Area: 1 target within 50 ft.

Duration: 30 seconds (5 combat rounds)

Opposed Dice: 5 dice

Spell Total: 6

Dimension Door

Allows the caster and up to one other creature size 1 or smaller to teleport to another location instantaneously within 100 ft. Caster decides which direction and how many feet to teleport. If a target were to teleport into a solid object, she takes nonlethal damage equal to the Structure of the solid object and then is shunted to a random open space. Only willing targets can be transported and the caster must always Dimension Door as well.

Range/Area: Caster plus 1 additional target, touch. Can teleport up to 100 ft.

Duration: Instant

Spell Total: 7

Dispel Magic

Targeted creature or object has one spell effect dispelled or turned off. In the case of a magic items with charges, the items needs reactivated and uses up a charge. A specific Spell can be targeted, otherwise if successfully dispelled, a random spell will be chosen. If an item is being worn, the wearer’s willpower is used for an Opposed Roll. Spells are versus the original caster’s willpower.

Range/Area: 1 target up to 75 ft away from caster.

Duration: Instant

Opposed Dice: 5 dice

Spell Total: 6

Time Stop

This spell allows the spellcaster to seemingly stop time in a 20′ radius from herself, though in actuality she is moving so fast everyone else seems to be frozen. During Time Stop, the caster can perform actions and move around, but cannot attack or help others”frozen.” She cannot manipulate anything others are carrying, but can move other objects in the environment. Anyone moving into the radius is immediately “frozen.”

Range/Area: Caster Only, 20′ radius

Duration: 30 seconds (5 combat rounds)

Spell Total: 8

3 Thoughts

  1. Dear Geek Orthodoxy, with great interest i have read you Ubiquity Fantasy Project. It seems it came to a halt in 2019. Do you have more in your pipeline? I mostly play Space 1889 in Germany and write texts about it.


    1. I’ve been working on a new fantasy RPG built on a Ubiquity chassis. Even just since I wrote the fantasy Ubiquity posts, I have realized I want something even simpler. It will be some time before my new interation will be ready. I have thought about posting stats for a bunch of fantasy creatures I made if they would be of any use.


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