Geek Orthodoxy has an Etsy Shop! I specialize in sharp edge dice, dice pins and magnets, and Fortune Dice. Coming soon: binomial D8s for use with dice pool systems like Ubiquity and test tube dice storage racks. These items make great gifts for geeks and gamers.

Binomial D8s
Prismatic Wildspace
Blood Pact
Elemental Rage
White Walker
Purple Panic
Crystallized Honey
Irradiated Iceberg

Prismatic Pink
Magical Pool
Amber Emerald
Rock Candy

Fortune dice are a fun way for RPG gaming groups to start their adventure.

Everyone opens up their Fortune Dice sealed pack and reveals their random polyhedral die, shares their fortune, and reveals what special in-game use their die has given them.

Each sealed pack has 1 random polyhedral die (a D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12, or D20), a fantasy RPG-themed fortune, and instructions for how to use the specific die in the gaming session.

Each 10-pack comes in a fun carryout box. Each box will have at least one of each die type.

This is Series 1 of Fortune Dice. There are 20 different styles/colors of dice in this series.

In-game uses work best with D20-based RPGs.

Some fortunes are pg-13.

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