Ubiquity: Necromancy Spells

In a previous post, I described a new magic system for fantasy-based Ubiquity games. The spells in that system are grouped by type into spheres: Chimeric, Elemental, Necromancy, Warding, Ecomancy, and Sorcery. This week, I detail seven spells in the Necromancy sphere.

Command Undead

This spell gives the caster a degree of control over undead creatures. When successfully cast, the spell allows the caster to give Mindless undead basic commands that it must follow, even if they are detrimental to itself. Intelligent undead see the caster favorably and will not attack, but get a Willpower roll if commanded to do something it would not normally do.

Range/Area: 1 target, being no more than 50 ft away.

Duration: scene or combat

Opposed Roll: 5 dice

Spell Total: 8

Death Touch

This spell allows the caster to make a Touch attack (ignores passive defense, but not armor bonuses) that deals damage to one target. If caster gets more successes on opposed roll versus the target’s defense roll, the target takes an automatic 2L necrotic Damage. This attack heals undead.

Range/Area: One target, Touch

Duration: Instant

Opposed Dice: 5 dice

Spell Total: 2

Detect Evil

Caster knows if there is evil creatures within a 20′ radius, as well as where the creatures are located. The spell can penetrate most barriers, but thick stone walls, heavy metals and tons of dirt can block the spell.

Range/Area: 20′ radius from Caster

Duration: Instant

Spell Total: 5

False Life

The target gains 4 temporary Health.

Range/Area: One target, Touch

Duration: Until Caster Rests

Spell Total: 5

Hide from Undead

Undead cannot see, hear or smell individuals warded for the duration of this spell. However, if the warded person attacks the undead, the Spell is broken. Mindless undead are automatically affected by this spell. Intelligent undead get a single Willpower roll.

Range/Area: 1 target, Touch

Duration: 1 Scene

Opposed Roll: 5 dice

Spell Total: 6

Raise Undead

This spell reanimates a Size 0 or smaller corpse and turns it into a mindless undead creature that is not released until it is destroyed, the caster ends the spell, or the caster takes a Rest. Even though the undead servant is mindless, it must have had a level of intelligence in life that could comprehend the caster’s commands, including language comprehension, if the caster wishes to attempt giving it commands.

Range/Area: 1 Corpse, Size 0 or smaller, Touch

Duration: Until Spellcaster Rests (up to 8 hours)

Opposed Dice: 5

Spell Total: 5

Speak with Dead

This spell summons a deceased person’s spirit in order to gain insight or information. The dead person does not know anything more than they did in life, though. An item connected to the person when they were alive, such as an article of clothing, a portrait, a lock of hair or the actual body is required. Your character suffers a penalty depending on the length of time the person has been dead, and you must roll more successes than the target’s Willpower rating. If successful, the spirit is compelled to remain for the duration of the scene. Once the spirit has been channeled, it need not obey commands, nor answer any questions. Often, your character must make bargains or sacrifices to induce the spirit to speak.

Speak with Dead Spell Total Modifier

Subject died days ago +0

Subject died weeks ago +2

Subject died months ago +4

Subject died years ago +6

Subject died centuries ago +8

Range/Area: Touch (body or possession of target)

Duration: 1 Scene

Opposed Roll: 5 dice

Spell Total: 4 + modifier

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