Project Fantasy Ubiquity: Talents & Resources

This is part of a series about making a D&D-esque version of Ubiquity.

Below I have compiled a list of Talents and Resources from all the various Ubiquity products available that I use and what books to find them in. Some have been renamed, some I created, and some are pulled from the Exile Game Studio forums. Still others have been slightly changed to better reflect the fantasy genre. Any changes to the Prerequisites are listed to the right of the Talent.

One thing you will notice about Ubiquity Talents is that they are not balanced against each other. Some are clearly more useful or powerful than others. Some see this as a system design flaw, but I see it as simply an embarrassment of riches in character customization. Keep in mind that Talents that may not seem worth spending Experience on can make great attributes to add to magic items and artifacts.

  • HEX = Hollow Earth Expedition
  • MOTHE = Mysteries of the Hollow Earth
  • POTSW = Perils of the Surface World
  • ROM = Revelations of Mars
  • SOTSW = Secrets of the Surface World


  • Acclimated (MOTHE)
  • Accuracy (HEX)
  • Agile (ROM)–updated from HEX
  • Alertness (Hex)
  • Ancient Blood (Atlantean Blood in SOTSW), Human
  • Ancient Commands (Atlantean Commands in SOTSW)
  • Ancient Healing Words (Atlantean Healing Words in ROM)
  • Ancient Killing Words (Atlantean Killing Words in ROM)
  • Ancient Language (Atlantean Language in SOTSW), Linguistics 5
  • Ancient Power Words (Atlantean Power Words in SOTSW)
  • Animal Affinity (MOTHE)–updated from HEX
  • Antiseptic Bite (ROM)
  • Artistic (New)
  • Attractive (HEX)
  • Battle Mage (Desolation)
  • Beast Rider (MOTHE)
  • Berserker Fury (MOTHE)
  • Blessing (Desolation)–uses Charisma rather than Willpower, Theurgy
  • Bless Item (Desolation: Journeys, Before and After)–uses Charisma, Theurgy
  • Blind Fight (HEX)
  • Block (HEX)
  • Blunt Strike (HEX)
  • Bold Attack (HEX)
  • Bold Defense (HEX)
  • Breaking Blow (SOTSW)
  • Breath of Life (MOTHE)
  • Burn Conversion (Desolation)–1 success per Burn Damage
  • Burn Diversion (Desolation)
  • Burning Flesh (ROM)
  • Burn Reduction (Desolation)*, Magic 5
  • Burn Transfer (Desolation), Magic 5
  • Calculated Attack (HEX)
  • Calculated Defense (HEX)
  • Callous Rider (MOTHE)
  • Captivate (HEX)
  • Chameleon (MOTHE)
  • Channel Life (ROM)
  • Conductive Aura (ROM)
  • Charismatic (ROM)–updated from HEX
  • Climb (HEX)
  • Combat Aptitude (HEX)
  • Combat Clinch (MOTHE)
  • Combat Skill (HEX)
  • Cool Head (New)
  • Counterstrike (SOTSW)
  • Criminal Mind (New)
  • Danger Sense (HEX)
  • Deep Breath (MOTHE)
  • Deep Meditation (New)
  • Delayed Blow (SOTSW)
  • Diehard (HEX)
  • Direction Sense (HEX)
  • Disarm (ROM)
  • Diseased Bite (ROM)
  • Disease Resistance (MOTHE)
  • Dive Bomb (MOTHE)
  • Divine Intervention (Desolation), Theurgy
  • Dodge (HEX)
  • Dual Wield (HEX)
  • Echolocation (MOTHE)
  • Enhanced Channeling (New)
  • Enshroud (SOTSW)
  • Escape Artist (MOTHE)
  • Evasive Riding (MOTHE)
  • Famine Hardy (MOTHE)
  • Fearsome (HEX)
  • Fearsome Attack (MOTHE)
  • Feign Death (MOTHE)
  • Feint (ROM)
  • Fieldcraft (New)
  • Feline Grace (MOTHE)
  • Final Stand (Desolation)
  • Finesse Attack (HEX)
  • Fire Shield (ROM)
  • Firestarter (ROM)
  • Flurry (HEX)
  • Focused Attack (HEX)
  • Focused Defense (HEX)
  • Game Shark (New)
  • Gargantuan (MOTHE)
  • Giant (MOTHE)
  • Guardian (HEX)
  • Hard Drinker (New)
  • Hardening (MOTHE)
  • Headstrong (HEX)
  • Healing Aura (ROM)
  • Heavy Lifting (MOTHE)
  • Herb Lore (MOTHE)
  • High Born (Desolation: Journeys Before and After)
  • Higher Faith (Desolation)–Bonus to Charisma instead of Willpower
  • High Pain Tolerance (HEX)
  • Holy Ground (Desolation: Survivors), Theurgy
  • Illusion (ROM)
  • Immovable (MOTHE)
  • Immunity (MOTHE)
  • Inspire (ROM)–updated from HEX
  • Instant Reload (HEX)
  • Intelligent (ROM)–updated from HEX
  • Iron Jaw (HEX)
  • Iron Will (ROM)
  • Jack of All Trades (SOTSW)
  • Jump (HEX)
  • Kip Up (HEX)
  • Lethal Blow (HEX)
  • Levitation (ROM)
  • Lifesaver (HEX)
  • Light Sleeper (MOTHE)
  • Living Weapon (ROM)
  • Long Shot (HEX)
  • Lucky (HEX)
  • Magical Aptitude (SOTSW)
  • Magical Adept (Desolation)
  • Magical Guardian (Desolation: Journeys, Before and After)
  • Master Craftsman (New)
  • Mental Anguish (ROM)
  • Mind Control (SOTSW)
  • Mind Over Matter (ROM)
  • Missile Deflection (SOTSW)
  • Mobile Attack (HEX)
  • Mounted Attack (MOTHE)
  • Mounted Charge (MOTHE)
  • Native Terrain (MOTHE)
  • Natural Leader ( SOTSW)
  • Natural Path (Desolation: Survivors)
  • Noble Blood (Chieftain’s Blood in Desolation: Survivors))
  • Pack Mule (Leagues of Adventure)
  • Paralyzing Blow (SOTSW)
  • Parry (HEX)
  • Poison Skin (MOTHE)
  • Poison Tolerance (MOTHE)
  • Possession (POTSW)
  • Precognition (SOTSW)
  • Precognitive Defense (ROM)
  • Primeval Armor (ROM)
  • Primitive Adaptation (ROM)
  • Provoke (HEX)
  • Psionics (Psychic Ability in SOTSW)
  • Psionic Resistance (Psychic Resistance in MOTHE)
  • Psionic Wounding (Psychic Wounding in ROM)
  • Quick Draw (HEX)
  • Quick Healer (HEX)
  • Quick Reflexes (HEX)
  • Quick Repair (SOTSW)
  • Rapid Shot (HEX)
  • Read Magic (New)
  • Remote Healing (ROM)
  • Rend (MOTHE)
  • Ricochet Shot (SOTSW)
  • Ride-by Attack (MOTHE)
  • Riposte (SOTSW)
  • Robust (HEX)
  • Righteous Presence (Desolation: Survivors)
  • Righteous Purpose (Desolation: Survivors), Theurgy
  • Righteous Warrior (Desolation: Survivors), Theurgy
  • Rooted (MOTHE)
  • Run (HEX)
  • Sense Magic (Desolation: Journeys, Before and After), Magic 5
  • Sharp Claws (MOTHE)
  • Shield Bash (ROM)
  • Shroud Mind (ROM)
  • Signature Item (Desolation: Journeys, Before and After)
  • Skill Aptitude (HEX)
  • Skilled Assistant (SOTSW)
  • Stable (POTSW)
  • Staggering Blow (HEX)
  • Sticky Feet (MOTHE)
  • Strong (ROM)–updated from HEX
  • Strong Attack (HEX)
  • Strong Defense (HEX)
  • Subtle Strike (SOTSW)
  • Surgical Strike (New)
  • Sweep (MOTHE)
  • Swift (HEX)
  • Swift Flight (MOTHE)
  • Swift Mount (MOTHE)
  • Swim (HEX)
  • Telekinetic Shield (SOTSW)
  • Theurgy– (True Faith Talent from Desolation)
  • Time Sense (HEX)
  • Tinker (SOTSW)
  • Titanic (MOTHE)
  • Total Defense (HEX)
  • Total Recall (HEX)
  • Tough (ROM)–updated from HEX
  • Tough Attack (HEX)
  • Transmutation (MOTHE)
  • Trick Rider (MOTHE)
  • Tunneling (MOTHE)
  • Unarmed Parry (SOTSW)
  • Unflappable (POTSW)
  • Unseen Presence (ROM)
  • Venom (MOTHE)
  • Venom Spitting (MOTHE)
  • Vigorous Defense (HEX)
  • Virtuoso (New)
  • Weather Sense (MOTHE)
  • Well-Connected (SOTSW)
  • Wings (MOTHE)

*Normal: First Magic roll inflicts 1 point of Burn, second Magic roll inflicts 2 points of Burn, and so on.

New Talents


Only available during character generation

Prerequisites: Art discipline 4

Your character has a natural gift and affinity for producing astounding works of art. This talent gives you the the ability to become a famous artist, but as a general rule, you must be willing to sacrifice other parts of your life to succeed at your dream.

Benefit: Your character gains a +4 bonus to his Art discipline Skill rating in the specialization that he has chosen (designate one when you take this Talent).

Normal: Your character’s Art discipline rating is unmodified.

Advanced: You may purchase this Talent multiple times, but the benefit will be applied to a different specialization each time.

Cool Head

Prerequisites: None

Your character is able to work as accurately as others but at a quicker pace.

Benefit: Your character may ignore up to a −2 penalty from time modifiers due to acting more quickly than normal. This Talent may also be used to reduce the penalty for performing extra actions in a combat round.

Normal: Your character suffers the normal time modifiers.

Advanced: You may buy this Talent up to four times, ignoring a further -2 penalty with each purchase, to a maximum of -8.

Criminal Mind

Prerequisites: Larceny 4

Your character is especially adept at criminal pursuits. From burglary to lock-picking, your character has a penchant for all things unlawful.

Benefit: Your character gains a +2 bonus to Larceny rolls.

Normal: Your character gets no bonuses to Larceny rolls.

Advanced: This talent can be purchased up to three times. Each additional level adds a +2 bonus to Larceny rolls, up to +6.

Deep Meditation


Prerequisites: Psionics

Your character has perfected a deep meditative state that helps heal the mind.

Benefit: Your character doubles the natural rate of Psi Damage healing during Short and Long rests.

Normal: Your character does not benefit from extra natural Psi healing during rests.

Enhanced Channeling


Prerequisites: Magical Aptitude

Your character has has focused on increasing the efficiency of channeling magical energy through his body.

Benefit: Your character automatically receives a +1 bonus success when making a Magic Skill roll.

Normal: Your character does not get an automatic bonus success on Magic Skill rolls.


Prerequisites: Stealth 4

Your character has learned how to maximize whatever is between him and anyone trying to shoot or spot him, probably through hunting or military experience.

Benefit: Your character increases his level of cover by one (i.e., from Partial to Half, etx). This is true even for open, flat terrain as long as the character is prone, and there is a good reason – rotting log, small indentations in the ground (GM’s discretion). This bonus may also be granted to allies within 10 feet as long as your character can communicate with them. A character may not have greater than Full cover.

Normal: The character gets whatever cover there is, and none in open ground.

Advanced: You may buy this Talent twice, allowing for a second increase in cover. Special: You may not benefit from this talent during a turn in which you move or make Melee or Brawl attacks.

Game Shark

Prerequisites: Gambling 4

Your character has taken her games of chance and skill mastery to another level.

Benefit: Your character gains a +2 bonus to Gambling rolls.

Normal: Your character does not get a bonus to Gambling rolls

Advanced: This talent may be purchased three times. At second level, your character gains another +2 bonus to Gambling rolls and at third level your character can always get away with cheating.

Hard Drinker

Prerequisites: None

Your character spends a lot of time trying to drown his sorrows.

Benefit: Your character can safely consume as many alcoholic drinks in an hour as his Body rating + 2. For every drink beyond that, he suffers a -1 penalty to all actions. If the character has more drinks than 4 + twice his Body rating, then he will become violently ill and suffer a nonlethal wound.

Normal: A character can safely consume a number of drinks equal to his Body rating before suffering a penalty of -1 per drink.

Advanced: A character may purchase this Talent three times, gaining your character +2 drinks each extra each level. (i.e. at level 3, he could safely drink Body+6.) Each purchase also increased the number of drinks to cause violent illness to increase by +4.

Master Craftsman

Prerequisites: Craft 5

Your character has spent countless hours perfecting his craft, creating items of unmatched quality and desirability.

Benefit: Your character gains a +2 bonus to Craft rolls. Additionally, everything your character makes is worth twice as much as the mundane version.

Normal: Your character does not get a bonus to Craft rolls and items made are worth their normal prices.

Advanced: You can take this Talent twice. At second level, your character’s crafted items are of Masterwork quality.

Read Magic


Prerequisites: Linguistics 5

Even though your character has no magical aptitude, through her intense study of linguistics she has learned to decipher magical texts and runes.

Benefit: Your character can decipher magical writings and runes. She can also cast spells from magic scrolls without the Magical Aptitude talent.

Normal: Only characters with the Magical Aptitude talent can use magic scrolls and read magical texts and runes.

Surgical Strike


Prerequisites: Medicine 5 or Biology 5

The character is a skilled doctor, surgeon or biologist–so skilled in fact that she knows how to target all of the body’s weak spots.

Benefit: The Character may use her Medicine or Biology skills instead of a combat skill (choose Brawl, Melee, or Ranged Weapons)

Normal: Your character may not replace a combat skill with Medicine or Biology.


Only available during character generation Prerequisites: Performance 4

Your character has a natural gift and affinity for a particular style of performance. This talent gives you the ability to become a famous performer, but as a general rule, you may have to be willing to sacrifice other parts of your life to succeed at your dream.

Benefit: Your character gains a +4 bonus to his Performance Skill rating in the specialization that he has chosen (designate one when you take this Talent).

Normal: Your character’s Performance rating is unmodified. Advanced: You may purchase this Talent multiple times, but the benefit will be applied to a different Performance specialization each time.


  • Allies (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Artifacts (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Contacts (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Followers (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Animal Followers (MOTHE); Animal Handling 5 or Animal Affinity Talent prerequisite
  • Familiars (Leagues of Gothic Horror: Guide to Black Magic)
  • Mentors (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Rank (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Refuge (Updated in SOTSW)
  • Status (SOTSW)

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