Binomial Dice Pool OSR RPG: Races

I stick with four playable races of beings: Humans, Half-Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings.


Humans are the most common and populous race of being.

When creating a human character, make these adjustments/additions to your character:

Human Versatility: +1 Skilled Bonus

Gain an Extra Trait


Half-Elves are the progeny of nearly immortal elves and humans. They may live twice as long as humans, but have lost the immortality of their Elf half. They are often very aesthetically pleasing and still have a hint of otherworldly nature to them. They are often ostracized and looked down upon by elves; Thus, half-elves often live in human cities , coastal settlements that are more cosmopolitan, or even in all half-elf forest communities. They can have no offspring.

When creating a half-elf character, make these adjustments/additions to your character:

Elven Gift: Immune to Sleep , Paralysis, and Charm.

+1 Presence


Dwarves are the oldest race of being. Myth says they were created by Gods to craft the world in preparation for the arrival of the Elves. Dwarves are legendary craftsmen and builders. While most Dwarves live in their underground cities and fortresses, some choose to live in human-dominated cities to ply their trade or act as middlemen for trade between Dwarven clans and the other species of the lands.

When creating a Dwarf character, make these adjustments/additions to your character:

Dwarf Resilience: Advantage VS poison, disease, and magic.

+1 Vitality


Halflings are a short human-like species with a general curiosity of the world around them and often have a sunny disposition. They may be small of stature, but they are strong of will.

When creating a Halfling character, make these adjustments/additions to your character:

Resolute: +3 Resolve at the beginning of each session.

+1 Will

Halflings cannot use Large Weapons due to their small stature.

Why Only Four Races?

I’m sticking with basic races in the vein of OSR and older TTRPGs. The world or region is dominated by humans. Dwarves’ and Halflings’ main settlements are far away and nary seen by human eyes. The dwarves and halflings that live or work among humans are the exception rather the rule. Elves are rarely seen. In fact, most humans have never seen them. There aren’t many half-elves, but their longevity and propensity to live around humans more than elves means they are not completely unusual sights.

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