Monster Terrain & Scenery from Monster Fight Club

Monster Terrain & Scenery is a new line from Monster Fight Club, a company started by some of the people that originally created Gale Force Nine. The terrain consists of modular trees (separate trunks and tops), stumps, rock outcroppings, crystals, bridges/barricades, neoprene pads representing water and other kinds of ground types, and a myriad of other smaller accessories.

I became aware of the scenery while attending Gary Con 2019 where Monster Fight Club had a booth. They were showing off their prototypes and promoting their upcoming Kickstarter, which I backed. My stuff has finally arrived, so let’s take a look at some of it!

Our travelers come across a lumber yard, but are more interested in the strange crystals they see in the rocks.
The Pond Accessories kit comes with things like lily pads, snakes, turtles, stepping stones, floating crates, and fallen logs.
The Well is Monster Terrain. The buildings were clearance from Michaels.
A quaint village tucked deep in the forest.
The four different trees colors include: Verdant (green), Autumn (Orange), Blossoming (Pink), and Twilight (Blue).


Overall, I am pleased with the products. The coloring and shading looks nice–certainly better than I could do. Really good painters may scoff, but decent looking pre-painted terrain is a major selling point for me. The neoprene terrain pads are nice looking, but I will need to press them flat with some heavy books. I really like that the trunks are separate from the tree tops. You can simply take the tops off to have creepy looking dead trees.

The Forsaken Forest set. These are essentially what the regular trees look like with the tree tops taken off.

The crystals have some heft to them and look great. I didn’t get many of the rock outcroppings because I have Dwarven Forge Erinthor mountain sets, but they are also of nice quality. Lastly, there is the bridges/barricades, for which I bought two sets, but didn’t take any pictures of. I’ll break these out once I combine Monster Terrain with Dwarven Forge.

A Barricades/Bridges set paired with some rock outcroppings.

Not everything is available for retail yet as of this writing. And it is unclear if all four tree topper colors will be available (the Twilight and Blossoming were KS trials, so might never come to retail).

Is It Worth the Money?

It was worth the money for me, but YMMV. I received everything at the discounted Kickstarter price, which certainly helped. Folks now will essentially have to pay $40 for 3 trees. That appears steep, but the trees pull double duty as dead trees as well by taking the tops off. As a comparison, Dwarven Forge tree packs range from $73 to $101 for 2-3 trees, and you still have to buy bases for them (As I have both, I’ll do a comparison of the two later).

Overall, I’m glad I nabbed this terrain and look forward to seeing what else they produce.

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